And now there are two Ecuador Books!



After enduring Don’s second heart attack and the loss of job and health insurance, Don and Diane Murray lost it all. Moving to Ecuador was a bold move to build a new life based on a small retirement income.

In his first best selling book, Our Ecuador Retirement…The First 8 Months, Don tells the story of their lives leading up to the move and wonderfully describes their first 8 months living in a South American country they had never visited.

In this most recent book, Our Ecuador Retirement…Part 2: The Second Year and Why We Didn’t StayDon picks up where the first book ends, describing their second year in Ecuador and their eventual move to Mexico. This is an honest look at one couple’s day-to-day lives living as expats on Ecuador’s coast, minus any sugar coating. A must read for those considering a move to Ecuador…or maybe to any other offshore retirement destination.

In 2012, after enduring and surviving some significant health issues as well as suffering through several years of financial hardship brought about by the economic collapse of 2008, my wife Diane and I determined to sell what remained of our lives and move to South America, to the coast of Ecuador.  After some significant research and after communicating with a number of expats already here, we made the move without ever having actually visited the country. We packed the six suitcases allowed by the airlines, carried our beloved Chihuahua into the airplane with us and set out to remake out lives in a developing nation. You can read all about our adventure in my book, Our Ecuador Retirement…The First 8 Months.  

Aside from marrying each other, moving to Ecuador was the very best decision either of us had ever made, either individually or as a couple. The cost of living was significantly lower than our life in the states and we readily adapted to the culture, not without some adjustments.

After nearly two years of living in Manabi Province on Ecuador’s coast, we came to understand that access to great quality emergency medical care did not exist where we lived and as a heart patient, we could no longer accept the risks of living hours away from life-saving care. After the death of friend from a heart attack in our small town, we made the decision to leave Ecuador and move to a bigger city in Mexico where there are a number of major hospitals and the proximity to the United States is much closer. A further explanation is available here:


This updated website combines approximately two years of active blog posts from our life in Ecuador and also includes information on our new adventures in Mexico. Simply click on one of the two maps icons in the sidebar column on the left to follow our adventures in either country.

We do not seek the impossible. There is no perfect place to live…not in any country on the face of the planet. So, we do not seek perfection. We are simply seeking the best compromise factoring in those things that are most important to us. We have nothing to sell. We are not realtors or property developers and desire only to share our experiences in an authentic and honest way so that others may enjoy and possibly learn. Both Diane and I truly enjoy the Latin American culture. Our Spanish language skills have improved immensely over the past couple of years and our understanding of different cultures has come a long way, also.  Thanks for following along! – Don and Diane (The Pocket Babe)

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